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The Algebrator is my algebra doctor. Equations and inequalities were the two topics I used to struggle on but using the software wiped of my problems with the subject.
Trish Cooper, CO

I really liked the ability to choose a particular transformation to perform, rather than blindly copying the solution process..
Jenni Coburn, IN

Learning algebra on a computer may not seem like the appropriate way, but this software is so easy even a sixth-grader can learn algebra.
Gary Sterns, CA

Your new release is so much more intuitive! You team was quick to respond. Great job! I will recommend the new version to other students.
Melinda Thompson, CO

This software has been great at helping me with my fractions. Something, Id struggled with for years. I have asked my parents for help, but they say all the math looks different now than when they were in school. Now, I dont need to ask anymore because the software explains everything.
Candice Rosenberger, VT

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