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You guys are GREAT!! It has been 20 years since I have even thought about Algebra, now with my daughter I want to be able to help her. The step-by-step approach is wonderful!!!
T.P., Wyoming

I really needed help with fractions, the program listed each of the steps, so I was able to get my homework finished in time. Thanks.
Maria Lopez, CA

Am writing this comment cuz am grateful for this program, specially the graphs that can be shown for inequality solutions thank you.
Richard Williams, LA

It's good news for any school, teacher or student when such a fantastic software is specifically designed for Algebra. Great job!
D.B., Washington

This software has been great at helping me with my fractions. Something, Id struggled with for years. I have asked my parents for help, but they say all the math looks different now than when they were in school. Now, I dont need to ask anymore because the software explains everything.
James Grinols, MN

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