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Elementary Linear Algebra

Instructor: Dr. David Leach
Location: 206 Pafford
Time: MWF 10:00-10:50
Office: 317 Boyd
Phone: (678)-839-4127
Textbook: Introductory Linear Algebra: An Applied First Course, by Kolman and Hill.

Learning Outcomes: Upon successful completion of the course, the student will

1. be able to express linear systems of equations in matrix form.

2. be able to solve systems of linear equations using Gauss-Jordan elimination.

3. be able to perform basic matrix operations and compute matrix inverses and determinants.

4. be introduced to the basic properties of real vector spaces and subspaces including properties such as
linear independence, span, basis, rank.

5. examine linear transformations and their applications to computer graphics.

6. be able to compute eigenvalues and eigenvectors of a square matrix.

7. be able to use the software package MATLAB to perform basic matrix operations.

Grading and Evaluation: There will be four in-class tests worth 100 points each; several quizzes and
assignments which will be scaled to be worth 150 points altogether; and a final exam worth 150 points. Your
lowest test score will be dropped. Your average is computed by taking your total number of points, dividing
by 6, and rounding to the nearest whole number. Letter grades are assigned as follows:

90-100: A
80-89: B
70-79: C
60-69: D
0-59: F

Final Exam: The final exam is on Friday December 16, 8-10 am. It will be comprehensive.

Attendance: You are expected to attend every class. Although absences are not penalized, if a class is
missed, you are responsible for all materials and assignments.

Make-ups: In order to take a make-up test or quiz, you must have a valid reason for missing the test,
contact me as soon as possible, and (except in extreme situations) take the test on or before the day of the
next class.

Late Assignments: Late assignments will be penalized 10% per class day; no assignment will be
accepted more than three class days after the due date. Exceptions might be made in extreme situations.

Academic Dishonesty:
Any student caught cheating will receive a failing grade and may be reported
to the Office of Student Affairs. Cheating includes using unauthorized materials during a test, giving or
receiving information during a test (including copying), giving information about a test to a student who
will take it at a later time, and receiving information about a test before you take it.

Important Dates:
Last Day to Drop: August 24
Labor Day: September 5
Last Day to Withdraw: October 13
Thanksgiving Holidays: November 23-25
Final Exam: Friday December 16, 8-10 am


  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:00 1111-01   1111-01   1111-01
9:30 1111-01   1111-01   1111-01
10:00 2853 MTC 2853   2853
10:30 2853 MTC 2853   2853
11:00 Lunch MTC Lunch   Lunch
11:30 Lunch MTC Lunch   Lunch
12:00 OH   OH   OH
12:30 OH   OH   OH
1:00 OH   OH    
1:30 OH   OH    
2:00 1111-13   1111-13    
2:30 1111-13   1111-13    
3:00 1111-13   1111-13    
3:30 Seminar   OH    
4:00 Seminar   OH    

MTC = Math Tutoring Center 205 Boyd
OH = Office Hour 317 Boyd
Office hours also available by appointment