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Test I Guide

1 What you don't have to memorize
Reduction formulas:

Half-angle formulas, double-angle formulas, and sum/difference formulas
for sin, cos, etc.
Integrals of tanθ, cotθ, secθ, and cscθ.
The trapezoidal and Simpson's rule for approximate integration.
Error estimates for approximate integration.

2 What you have to memorize
Anything not explicitly on the‘don't have to memorize' list.
sin2θ + cos2θ = 1
1 + tan2θ = sec2θ
Derivatives of sinθ , cosθ , tanθ , cotθ , secθ , and cscθ .
Integrals of sinθ and cosθ .
Both version of the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus.

Both version of the chain rule:

Substitution in integrals.
Integration by parts.
Trigonometric integrals.
Trigonometric substitution.
Partial fraction expansion.
Long division.
The Left-hand, Right-hand, and midpoint rules for approximate integra-
How to evaluate both types of improper integrals using limits.
How to find the area bounded by two (or more) curves.
How to find the volume of solids of revolution (shells, disks, washers).
How to find the volume of solids by slicing.