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Syllabus for Intermediate Algebra

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Mission Statement of the College-Level Developmental Program for Mathematics

This course is a beginning course in algebra designed for the student with a minimal background
in mathematics. Topics include operations with real numbers; algebraic techniques and
applications; an introduction to set theory; solution of linear and quadratic equations and
inequalities; rules for exponents and polynomials, factoring operations and applications; and
rational expressions and applications.

Course Description

This is a second course in algebra designed to prepare students for General Educational
Mathematics Core Courses, which include Math 1314, Math 1324, and Math 1332. Topics
include review of exponents, polynomials, and factoring, rational expressions, synthetic division,
equations of lines, inequalities, and functions, joint and combined variations, linear systems,
roots and radicals, quadratic equations, inequalities, and graphs, and applications of these topics.