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Introduction to mathematical skills needed by electronics technician with emphasis on algebra and its
application to electronics. Topics include algebra, conversion of units, powers of 10, using electronic
calculators and solving equations.

During this course, the student will be expected to:

1. Solve positive and negative literal and numerical terms and literal equations.

2. Solve an equation for an unknown.

3. Manipulate positive and negative literal and numerical terms and literal equations.

4. Manipulate signs of operation and degree of polarity.

5. Manipulate equations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of positive and negative

6. Convert units of measurement.
6.1 Identify common conversion factors.
6.2 Utilize the method of cancelling-of-parameters.
6.3 Develop new conversion factors for specific needs.

7. Solve problems that involve radicals.
7.1 Manipulate equations of square roots.
7.2 Manipulate equations of any root.
7.3 Manipulate fractional roots.

8. Solve problems involving exponents.
8.1 Convert fractional equations.
8.2 Multiply like factors.
8.3 Divide like factors.

9. Perform calculations on the calculator.
9.1 Enter equations on a scientific calculator.
9.2 Edit equations.
9.3 Use storage registers.

10. Solve algebraic word problems.
10.1 Determine givens and unknowns for word problems.
10.2 Derive equations for word problems.
10.3 Solve equations for multiple answers.

11. Solve fractional equation problems for any unknown.
11.1 Manipulate fractional equations to eliminate fractions.
11.2 Solve fractional equations for sets of data.

Textbook(s): For each text used in this course, identify the minimum chapters to be covered in
this course.
Basic Mathematics for Electronics, Cooke, Adams, Dell, McGraw Hill, 7th edition, 1992.

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